Environmental Responsibility

At KC Complete Auto Service we strive to minimize our impact on the environment. Being a part of the local community comes with a sense of pride and responsibility to lessen our environmental footprint by implementing environmentally friendly business practices and minimizing waste.

Here are some of the ways we minimize waste everyday:
  • Used oil is gathered and saved to be used as a heat source during the winter months. EPA approved Waste Oil Heaters keep shop space warm while reducing the demand of fossil fuels associated with traditional heating methods that require natural gas or electricity. In facilities that do not have waste oil heaters, the oil is sent to local recycling centers.
  • The metal from the worn out and defective parts we replace is saved and sent to local metal recycling facilities. These facilities recycle almost all metals reducing the need for additional metal production.
  • Used antifreeze is collected and stored in containers. A local company picks up the used antifreeze for recycling purposes.
  • LED lights are used in as many ways as possible over fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. LED lights last longer, use less electricity and do not contain mercury compared to other bulb types. Over the last few years we have replaced over 80% of our traditional light fixtures with modern, energy efficient fixtures.
  • Other recyclables such as paper, plastics, cardboard & aluminum are separated and either transported to or picked up by local recycling companies.
  • Oil filters are drained and properly stored until they are picked up by a local company for recycling.
  • Lead batteries and wheel weights are picked up on a regular basis to be sent for recycling at off-site recyclers.
  • All used tires are also regularly picked up by a local recycling company.
  • The majority of our automotive fluids are purchased in bulk quantities. This eliminates a tremendous amount of disposable plastic containers and cardboard packaging. This also helps reduce the amount of aerosol cans used.
  • For our parts washing equipment, we utilize aqueous based cleaning agents that do not containt harmful chemicals or solvents.
  • Freon gas is captured during air-conditioning services in an effort to prevent it from escaping into our atmosphere.
  • The construction of our newly opened store at 9581 N. McGee incorporated many environmentally friendly construction practices. High efficiency heating and cooling systems were installed. Low water usage toilets were installed in the restrooms. Energy efficient insulated glass was installed along with a higher R-value insulation package. Rain gardens and a pervious concrete parking area were put into place in an effort to cleanse rain and storm water before it hits the City storm water system. Oil/water separators were put into place in order to insure no oil could enter the sanitary sewer system.

KC Complete Auto proudly serves these communities: Blue Springs, Belton, Buckner, Basehor, Butler, Excelsior Springs, Gladstone, Grain Valley, Grandview, Greenwood, Harrisonville, Independence, Lee's Summit, Lenexa, Liberty, Kansas City, MO, Kansas City, KS, Oak Grove, Olathe, Parkville, Platte City, Raymore, Raytown, Jackson County and Johnson County.